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Custom Designed Furniture

Hand crafted furniture incorporating design elements of wood, metal, stone and glass. Services also include creating and installing wall features or built in design work. Contact us for a quote for your custom project.
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Stains & Finishes


There are several types of stains that can be used on wood flooring, but the most popular and commonly used type is oil based stain. There are many different manufacturers of these stains, but the two that we prefer are made by Bona and Dura Seal. You can find the color charts for these products by clicking on their names in the previous sentence. These stains have two purposes, one being to color the wood, and the other to help seal the grain of the wood..

Other options for stains include water based stain, dye stains, and chemically reactive stains. For more information on these options, feel free to ask during your in home estimate.


There are many varieties of floor finish available, and a multitude of options within those varieties as well.

Oil modified urethane (OMU)

This is the most common finish that’s used in the flooring market. It protects the floor by creating a plastic like layer on top of the wood. It’s relatively inexpensive and been around for quite some time. It typically comes if 4 sheens; Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin, and Matte. There are different quality OMU finishes with some being harder or thicker than others. The smell from these finishes is quite strong, and typically lasts for several weeks after application. It takes 30 days for this type of finish to fully cure.

Water Based Urethane

These finishes protect the floor in the same way as OMUs, by creating a plastic like film over top of the wood. This finish is more expensive than OMUs and have really made a push into the market since some states have begun to regulate the VOC content in coating products. There are two “grades” of water based finish, single component and two component. The two component version is typically more scratch resistant and also more expensive. Water based finish also comes in 4 sheen options, and has a much reduced odor when compared to an oil based product. Most of the water based finishes fully cure within a one to two week period.

Hardwax Oil finishes

This finish brings back an old world look with state of the art technology. There are also multiple brands in this category, and each has a slightly different look and feel. After using several, we’ve come to prefer the Oil Plus 2c finish made by Rubio Monocoat. It only comes in a Satin or Matte sheen, so if you’re after a shiny floor, this may not be the option for you. The color for this finish is built into the oil, and it protects the floor by making a molecular bond with the fibers of the wood. This gives the floor a smooth texture without creating the plastic film over top, which leaves you with a more natural feeling finished product. It is also a 0% VOC finish (no harmful gasses) and fully cures within 7 days.

Credentials & Reviews


The NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) sets the standard in regards to guidelines and procedures in the wood flooring industry. They offer training, certification, and support to both tradesmen and manufacturers. We are proud to be both certified through their organization as well as members. Learn more about the NWFA here.

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About Us

We are a small and local family-based hardwood flooring and design company who take pride in what we do. We specialize in custom hardwood floor refinishing, wood floor installation, and stair installation including replacement of balusters or newel posts. We have a wide range of finish options available, from water based options, various European hardwax oil finishes, and even specialized UV cured finish that cures instantly! If you’re looking for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, give us a call. We always love a challenge, and enjoy working together with clients to create a floor that suits your space. We also take on commissions for custom furniture pieces, wooden walls, or permanent wooden art features in your space.

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Worried about the dust?

Is it really dust free?

One common concern among homeowners is the dust that’s created during the sanding process. Some flooring contractors charge an extra fee for “dustless” sanding. We choose to rather include this service at no additional charge. On each piece of equipment, we attach commercial grade self cleaning vacuums that are equipped with HEPA grade filtration to minimize the dust created during the sanding process. While it would be nice if it were completely dustless, there still is a small amount of dust created. I typically compare it to 4 weeks worth of normal house dust. Have a look at our reviews section to see what previous clients thought of our “dust free” sanding system!

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